About Sponsorship

BIRDS International’s Boarding Home program provides donors with a low-cost opportunity in which they can make a transformative impact on the life of a child. The cost of sponsorship is $30 per month.  A unique thing about BIRDS International’s sponsorship program is that of the money we receive 100% goes directly to aid your sponsored child.  Unlike most charitable organizations BIRDS International takes NO money out of donations to fulfill its administrative and fundraising needs.  You can be confident that every dollar you give is a dollar which will go directly to the needs of a child.

BIRDS selects children from the villages surrounding their facility in Muthyalapadu on the basis of greatest need. Preference is given first to orphans, then semi-orphans (children with only one parent living), and finally children of the extremely poor.  Accepted children are housed and fed at the BIRDS Children’s Hostel and educated at the BIRDS school in Telugu (the local language) and English.  Every year BIRDS receives hundreds of applicants which they are not able to accommodate due to limitations of space and finances. Your sponsorship provides a child with new clothes, clean water, daily nutritious meals, a loving and stable living environment, and an education which will equip them to succeed.

Child sponsorship is an incredibly fulfilling way of joining in the life of someone halfway around the world, but it is also a serious commitment.  The children of BIRDS depend upon their sponsors to support them through their education.  For that reason, we request that potential sponsors commit to a sponsorship for at least two years.

So you’re interested, what now?
First let us say, “Thank you and welcome to the BIRDS family!” Please contact us via email at sponsorship@birdsint.org and include your full name, address, phone number, and email address. Please specifiy if you have any age or gender preferences for your sponsored child and we will do our best to accommodate you. Also feel free to call or send us a letter. Additional contact information may be found on the Contact Us page. Shortly after, you will receive a sponsorship info packet that includes information on your child as well as additional information on sponsorship. Thank you for your interest and support of BIRDS International and the rural poor of India.