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Get Involved

Want to help feed the poor, clothe the naked and care for the sick in India?

Sponsor a child. One of the most real ways to create systemic change and break the cycle of poverty is to empower a child to attend school. Education instills confidence in a child whom society says is a worthless outcaste. It allows a child to rise above his or her economic and social circumstances and drastically decreases the likelihood that he or she will be sold into human trafficking or bonded labor. While India’s constitution grants the fundamental right to education to every child, only 54% of children in India are enrolled in pre-school. Help to bring about positive social change in the life of a child- become a sponsor for $25 per month. Email us at to be paired with a child and impact his or her life!

Support a program. Interested in local, grassroots healthcare? Sustainable agriculture? Rural and/ or urban development? Women’s empowerment in a poor, rural context? BIRDS International is involved in all of these projects and more. Each and every program needs funding in order to effectively aid and empower the people with whom they work.

Be an advocate. Host an India-themed event and raise money and awareness for BIRDS. Write a blog post or Tweet about us. Build a life-sized slum hut in a high-traffic area and tell the story of the poor and marginalized in India. Hold an art exhibit of artwork and/ or photos related to empowering the poor. Make a movie. Then, tell us about it. As a grassroots organization, we need your creative ideas and help to tell the story!

Contribute to a social worker’s salary. BIRDS staff, from hostel care-takers to teachers to groundskeepers, are passionate, hardworking and devoted to the causes for which they work. It costs as little as $90 per month to fund a staff person at BIRDS. Your donation to staff salaries has a ripple effect; benefiting the staff themselves, the children, visitors and the community at large.

Travel to India.
Meet your sponsored child and experience a little bit of life as he or she does! Drink tea, play some cricket and see for yourself what Mark Twain called “the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds.”  Email us at for details. We’d be happy to arrange a visit to BIRDS; be prepared to never look at life the same again.

Donate your skills and talents. Calling artists, graphic and web designers, fund raisers, social media and marketing experts: we need your help! Email us at and let us know what you’re good at. We’d love to increase our talent pool and our base of supporters and advocates!

Thank you for your interest in BIRDS International and the rural poor of India!

Interested in getting involved with BIRDS International for the first time or extending your involvement?

There are many different ways you can help the cause!

One of the easiest ways to get involved is through the Child Sponsorship Program. Sponsorship details can be found on the About Sponsorship page. However, if you are unable to commit to $25 a month independently, we encourage you to consider sharing a sponsorship with your family, neighborhood, church, or community group.

BIRDS International is also looking for people interested in getting involved in the following programs all of which are already in operation.
-Community Health Worker Training
-FFS/Agricultural Training
-Dalit/Women’s Empowerment
-Rural and Urban Community Development
For information on how to be involved with any of the above programs please email

Finally BIRDS International is looking for help. If you have experience in:
-Design (printed/online)
we would love for you to be involved in expanding our efforts! Please us email at