Kandyce’s Testimonial

After a rather harrowing, very cramped 5-hour jeep ride through rural India, I couldn’t wait to get out of our vehicle and onto the BIRDS farm I had heard so much about. I had no idea how incredible this organization, I was about to visit, was. From the moment we set foot on the BIRDS farm (now renamed the BIRDS International Training Center), we were treated as honored guests. As we toured various villages and programs, I saw the respect and honor we had received was not extended only to us, but to those BIRDS serves as well. BIRDS is truly an organization that fights the good fight for those trapped in rural poverty, and V. Paul Raja Rao, or as I have come to know him “Paul Uncle”  is an extraordinary leader making a difference in his community.

My first trip to the farm left me incredibly impressed with the breadth and depth of the programs and ministries offered by BIRDS – it seemed as though BIRDS had a program to meet any and every need of those in the nearby communities. As I have been blessed with continued involvement with BIRDS, I continue to be impressed and astonished at the rapid growth of the organization and the programs. From occupational training to health care to economic development, BIRDS seeks not merely to “give a man a fish,” but to teach him how to fish, and to do so responsibly and in a sustainable manner. BIRDS is an incredible ministry working for total transformation in the lives of those involved.

BIRDS and BIRDS International’s child sponsorship program changes lives! By providing funds for these children to stay at the BIRDS boarding home, you are enabling them to attend school and rise far above their circumstances. These children, from very poor and marginalized families, are able to break free from the cycle of poverty simply by being able to attend school. While living at the hostel, they are exposed to an incredible, holistic ministry. I have no doubt that a number of them will turn around and give back to their communities as Paul Uncle is doing!
Kandyce Kingsley/Gordon College Graduate/Denver, CO USA